DSP Media and JTBC Studios will join hands to produce a reality entertainment program called ‘Burn Up: Billboard Challenge’.


According to DSP Media on May 20, ‘Burn Up: Billboard Challenge’, starring APRIL, KARD and Heo Youngji as special MCs, will be released on JTBC’s YouTube channel in late June.

The project will involve DSP Media, which has produced global idols such as KARA, APRIL, and KARD, as well as JTBC Studio, which is strengthening its position as a digital studio by producing and distributing YouTube content such as ‘Wassup Man’ and ‘Workman’.

‘Burn Up: Billboard Challenge’ is a show to discover new talents to become K-Pop stars. Among the challengers who applied for the project, 30 male and female challengers who passed the preliminary round with the votes of the production team will be shown on the ‘TTJA’ platform, and will grow with love and support from the platform’s users through video content, which acts as a reality survival audition show aired every week. And the two finalists in the project will challenge themselves to enter the Billboard chart rankings.