Apink (Park Cho Rong, Yoon Bo Mi, Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, Kim Nam Joo, Oh Ha Young) are promoting the new song ‘Dumhdurum‘.

Apink appeared as a guest on the ‘Cultwo Show‘ (SBS Power FM) on April 16. Son Na Eun was absent because of filming. Son Na Eun expressed regret when sending the message: “Unfortunately, today I could not come, I had wanted to meet everyone”.


Regarding the new song ‘Dumhdurum’, Apink introduced: “This is the song that different from the color that the group had shown in recent times”.

DJ Kim Tae Kyun congratulated, “The new song ‘Dumhdurum’ reached number 1 on the music charts.” Apink expressed their feelings when their title song ranked the first position on the digital music chart: “Actually, I thought we would never appear on digital music charts again. I thought a lot about how hard it would be to practice. Maybe it would be better if I give up,” Park Chorong said modestly. Kim Nam Joo said, “As soon as I saw the No. 1 position on the digital music chart. Cho Rong called me and cried.”

Apink reminisced when they heard of ‘Dumhdurum’ at the first. Kim Nam Joo said, “As soon as I heard this song, I really liked it. So even it was just a demo song, I wanted to keep listening.”

Yoon Bomi had directed choreography for ‘Dumhdurum’. Apink’s members encouraged her that “The choreography is the point of song”.

Jung Eun Ji was proud of her close relationship with DJ Shin Bong Sun. Jung Eun Ji said, “Since I finished a bowl of rice, I have been close to Bong Sun’s sister. At that time, Bong Sun was lighter than me.” Shin Bong Sun reminisced about the time and made the studio into a laughing ocean: “This is the first time I saw an idol eating rice so much. So that I got caught up (eating rice so much).”


Apink shared feelings after 10 years of debut. Park Cho Rong said: “I think Apink can do more.” Jung Eun Ji expressed her special wish: “I want to release a new song about Indian style”. Apink sent attention to juniors groups like WJSN, Weki Meki, singer Chungha: “All of us are artists”.

That day, Apink performed the new song ‘Dumhdurum’ live and the song ‘I’m so sick’ with the dance. At the end of the broadcast, Apink announced their future plans: “We are preparing for our first performance tomorrow. We will work hard, so please love and support our”.

On April 13, Apink made a comeback with the new song ‘Dumhdurum’.