Apink made a comeback with a mini album to celebrate their 9th anniversary.


On April 13, Apink released a mini-album vol.9 Lock as well as music video for the title track ‘Dumhdurum’. “I” is a concept that means ‘I love my image and I will live as I see it’. Apink’s unit songs have been filled with a variety of charms.


The title song ‘Dumhdurum’ is a song that matches Apink’s new mature image. This new image broke the ‘pure’ concept and fueled Apink’s transformation once again. The powerful addictive melody appeals to the ears in the instant after listening once. In the MV, the members showed their emotionless love towards the separation. The colorful costumes add to the excitement.

In addition to the title song, the album also shows R&B dance ‘Yummy’ song, the song ‘Be Myself’ by units of Cho Rong, Nam Joo and Eun Ji, containing the will to forget the pain of love. ‘Love is blind’ of unit Bomi Na Eun Ha showed cute cuteness when falling in love … Album total has 7 tracks.

Check out ‘Dumhdurum’s MV below: