Apink Jung Eunji has released a track trailer #01 for her upcoming 4th mini-album ‘Simple‘, which made her fans become excited and drew a lot of attention when being an artist.


On July 9 KST, she has released a track trailer 01 teaser titled  “Simple is the best“. In the teaser, Eunji appears in an all-white room preparing to paint something. She is wearing a classic white buttoned-down shirt and jeans looking as innocent as ever.


Meanwhile, Jung Eunji’s new album “Simple” has the meaning of “simple is the most beautiful,” and delivers “simple” comfort and healing through music that is fully expressed in a plain “voice.” Jung Eunji wrote all the songs for the album, and talented writers such as Sunwoo Jung-ah, 10CM, So Soo-bin and Lee Hyun-young added strength to predict the birth of fresh masterpieces.

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Stayed tuned for the release of the mini-album on this July 15th.

>>>Check out ‘Simple‘ Trailer Track #01 here: