Singer Jung Eunji from girl group Apink has confirmed the exact release date for her upcoming solo album, which is July 15.


Her agency Play M Entertainment said on July 1 that, “Apink Jung Eunji has confirmed the release date of her solo album on July 15.” At midnight, the company released the official logo image for the album through Apink’s official SNS and fan cafe, drawing attention.

The release date “2020.07.15” and Eunji’s new official logo design created a comfortable atmosphere with a chair placed on the beach that was washed away by the waves, creating questions about the concept of the new album.


Attention is focusing on the news that Eunji, who has been active in various fields such as dramas, movies and entertainment, will return as a “solo singer” after a long time. It’s been a year and nine months since her third mini album ‘Hyehwa’ was released in 2018. And it’s been a year and three months since her first digital single ‘Be With Me’, which was a surprise duet with Kwon Jeong Yeol of 10cm, was released.

Eunji, who debuted as the main vocalist of girl group Apink in 2011 and was recognized for her outstanding singing ability, was greatly loved by the public for presenting her signature bright and warm “healing sensibility” with hit songs such as ‘Hopefully Sky’, which topped various music charts and music broadcasts in 2016.

As a member of K-pop’s leading girl group Apink, Eunji, who is showing off her powerful female “solo power” by actively engaging in personal activities such as acting, being a radio DJ and YouTuber, is drawing keen attention to what new aspects she will show when she returns as a singer.