F(x) member Amber not only praised BLACKPINK Lisa, she also answered the anti-fans gently but extremely convincingly.


Not long ago, the Koreaboo news site once published articles about rappers with excellent singing skills in Kpop. Among the people listed are Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Amber (f(x)). They are rappers but good at singing and fully capable of taking on the vocal (singing) position in their group, so member f(x) is also the representative at the top of the list.


But a fan of BLACKPINK in general and Lisa, in particular, retweeted this article and had a negative comment targeting Amber. In the deleted post, the person wrote: “They put Lisa on the same list as Amber Liu. What a disrespect.”


It seems that this person thinks that Amber will never pay attention to her comments, but somehow member f(x) read the words. So she decided to respond to the post of this anti-fans and share her thoughts.

Instead of attacking, Amber suddenly agreed with the opinion. According to the female idol, she herself also thinks that Lisa is “an amazing rapper and performer”. Amber then explained that she never thought of herself as a rapper and admitted she only did what she could when she was appointed by SM Entertainment.


Lisa is the lead rapper (lead rapper position) in BLACKPINK, but her voice is also appreciated. Although she rarely speaks in the theme songs, she has made fans admire when she performed Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E song during the Private Stage fan meeting (fan meeting).


As for Amber, she was originally trained to be a singer when she first joined SM. But because f(x) needed the member to take the role of a rapper, her position was changed at the last minute, thereby the female idol debuted as the group’s main rapper.


Although Amber herself did not choose to be a rapper, she was often praised for her energy and flow (the way the rap beat) when performing.

Not only MeU (f(x)’s fan) praised her for doing well in her role when the group was active, but BLINKs also gave her encouragement. They also warned those in the same fandom to avoid posting comments that degrade other idols in the future.


But Amber’s post didn’t stop all these messes. f(x) member then shared that some netizens on Twitter tried to hack her account. In the end, the female idol ended the story with a message of encouragement to spread the goodness on social networks, thereby increasing the appreciation of her personality by netizens.