Ahn Ji Young (BOL4) appeared on Radio Star as a guest and expressed her honest feelings about Woo Ji Yoon’s departure. She also mentioned the rumors of dissent spreading and intends the curiosity of the audience.

Radio Star‘ (MBC) will be aired on May 13 with the special episode “No work” starring Lee Se Dol, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung, Lee Guk Joo, and BOL4 Ahn Ji Young. Ahn Ji Young recently revealed a story about the change of BOL4 frankly.

Recently member Woo Ji Yoon left the group and BOL4 has become a one-member group. Afterward, Ahn Ji Young expressed her regret for showing her sincere support for Woo Ji Yoon when she shared, “I’m also very sad.” Putting this issue to consider, the two of them also had discord. Ahn Ji Young also said they knew the rumor and drew attention when answering it frankly.


Ahn Ji Young also actively explained the copyright issue. BOL4 has received a lot of love thanks to famous songs like ‘Galaxy’, ‘Some’, ‘Bom’ etc. Recently, the group has gained a lot of attention with the new song ‘Leo‘ in collaboration with EXO’s Baekhyun. Especially in most of the songs, participating in composing music, writing lyrics, is expected to collect huge royalties. It is unknown how Ahn Ji Young will give the answer.

Finally, Ahn Ji Young will perform live with Red Velvet’s ‘Psycho‘. BOL4’s ‘Psycho’ stage with an acoustic version can be confirmed through ‘Radio Star’, which aired at 23:05 (Korean time) on May 13.