Girl group Blackpink is becoming a global sensation not only thanks to its music but also because of its members’ fashion sense.

Just a few months after the girl group grabbed the world’s attention with the hanbok, or traditional Korean dress, styling seen in its music video “How You Like That” released in June, the four members dazzled fans once again with their retro looks in the highly anticipated music video for “Ice Cream,” their latest release which saw them collaborate with American pop singer Selena Gomez.

It marked the group’s collaboration with a global pop star after featuring in Lady Gaga’s track “Sour Candy” in May. As soon as the music video for “Ice Cream” was released on Aug. 28, fans around the world showed their interest in not only the new track but also the fashion.

Throughout the music video, Gomez and Blackpink serve up retro vibes in various stylings. Although they couldn’t shoot the music video together because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they coordinated not only their outfits, but also their energy to make it appear as though they were filming together on the same set.

Blackpink dressed in hippie-style crochet clothing.

Gomez appears in a striped bikini with a sailor hat and gold hoop earrings, resembling the ‘50s pin-up posters popular with soldiers.

Blackpink’s outfits are a good combination of the hippie fashion of the ’70s and the high school teen fashion of the ‘90s. The members’ colorful fashion items include a fluffy crop top, floral crochet dress, cherry-shaped earrings and a newsboy cap. There are so many colors and varieties that CNN reported their style in the music video as “bold outfits and highly curated embellishments.”

“Throughout the music video we tried to have each look suit that entire set, and we especially focused on wearing bright colors that suit the overall vibe of the music and concept,” Blackpink said in an interview with CNN. “We really wanted to portray that fun, bright, summer energy through our outfits, and we hope this message was delivered to our fans.”

One thing to note is that these clothes are not from high-end fashion brands like Chanel or Dior, of which the members are ambassadors of. Jennie is Chanel’s house ambassador, Rose is Saint Laurent’s global ambassador, Jisoo is Dior’s beauty ambassador and Lisa is the global ambassador for Celine. Hippie-style, bright and colorful outfits including the flower-patterned and rainbow-colored crochet clothing are from Fluffy, a British fashion brand with a price range that is under 150,000 won ($130) per piece.

Blackpink in the high school teen fashion of the ‘90s

From hippie fashion, the singers make a transition to high school teen fashion in plaid mini skirts and blazers to feather-trimmed cardigans, synonymous with the styling portrayed in the American teen movie “Clueless” (1995). This trend in particular is drawing enthusiastic attention from Generation Z.

Blackpink’s power to create fashion trends is nothing new. In the music video for “How You Like That,” which recently surpassed 500 million views on YouTube, the fashionistas drew international attention around the traditional Korean costume by dancing in hanbok.

Blackpink’s hanbok styling in the music video “How You Like That” released in June

“After Blackpink wore our modern hanbok in their music video, global customers increased significantly. The number of daily online visitors surpassed 10,000 after the release of the music video, which used to be below 100 in the early days of the business. Almost half of the buyers on our online mall come from overseas, including the United States, China, Europe and Southeast Asia,” Danha Seoul, a modified hanbok brand, said.