9 Female Celebs in K-biz With Most Gorgeous Shadows

9 Female Celebs in K-biz With Most Gorgeous Shadows

The level of beauty of Korean stars is not only in the beautiful face, firm figures or the explosive charisma that is h...

The level of beauty of Korean stars is not only in the beautiful face, firm figures or the explosive charisma that is hard to reach; but also in one thing that sounds ridiculous but in fact extremely "reasonable" - is their shadows, on the wall.

Many media lenses have captured the moment when only a shadow is printed on the wall, but fully portrays the female celeb's stunning figures making many eyes bewildered to watch. That is to say, their charisma is not only in beauty but also in their shadow.

1. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji - the female lead of "Psycho but It's OK" burned the red carpet in her black dress when the actress stepped out.

Not stopping there, when the event ended for a few days, a snapshot of Seo Ye Ji's silhouette was revealed. Just a quick glance, Seo Ye Ji left an arrogant shadow reflected on the wall, that moment, make everyone watching must be surprised.



2. Jeon Ji Hyun

Talking about the shadow exuding a luxurious aura, Jeon Ji Hyun is always an A-list star with a charisma that no one can match, but unexpectedly her shadow is just so cool as well.



BLACKPINK Jisoo is commented that even the shadow is beautiful, exuding the beauty of beauty. A gentle, feminine shadow with gentle flying curls causing heartache.


4. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee's beauty looks so gentle, but the charm coming from her shadow is really impossible to joke about. All as if speechless at Kim Tae Hee's silhouette on the wall. Her figure is classified as a masterpiece of the Korean entertainment industry.


5. Han Hyo Joo

Regardless of her physique, just a moment of tilted angle reflected on the wall, Han Hyo Joo's beauty is truly beautiful from real life to her silhouette. Even her shadow is so captivating that the more you look, the more it looks like you are immersed in that charisma. It's no surprise that Han Hyo Joo is known as the queen of shadows.


6. Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo attracts attention with a sexy body, a youthful face despite being in her fifties. The standard body shape with gorgeous curves all are "imprinted" on the cold, high, sharp wall that can overshadow everything.


7. Nana

As expected of being the 2nd owner in the top of the most beautiful beauty in the world, even the shadow of Nana (After School) is hard to match her.


8. TWICE Sana

TWICE Sana's divine shadow shows off the define lines on her face, from the high bridge of her nose, indifferent lips, and curled lashes.


9. APINK Naeun

Even when meeting many mixed opinions about the actual beauty of APINK Naeun, her beauty is clearly beautiful and proud to properly portray a noble lady.