Netizens on an online forum in Korea have just now realized that there are 3rd generation’s boygroup – girlgroup pairs that are just so similar, although they may not be under the same management company. The similarities here can lie in their active line-up, their styles, positions and the ways they shine in K-Pop.


The current top groups that are the number ones when it comes to international influences (both groups give off the feeling of a Billboard star).


The miracles from small and medium companies, with top-notch choreography and synchronization, fresh and pure image.

I.O.I – Wanna One

The groups that came out of Mnet’s survival show ‘Produce 101‘ with 11 members.

Oh My Girl – NU’EST

It took a long time for both groups to actually make their name known to the public. Although they have debuted for a while now, it still feels like they are fresh rookies.


Two groups with top-tier vocal abilities, and the funniest performances in variety shows.

Red Velvet – WINNER

They have few members, a high-class aura, many hit songs, and a high level of personal recognition. Both came from a ‘Big 3’ company.


Both came from a “Big 3” company and opened the third generation of K-Pop. Both own a list of mega hits and have top average visuals.

Many netizens agreed with OP and admitted that there are many idol group pairs that bring a very similar feeling, which they had not realized until now. However, some others suggested other boygroup – girlgroup pairs that they feel are more similar.

  • “BTS – BLACKPINK / SEVENTEEN – G-Friend / BTOB – MAMAMOO are definitely not the same, but they are somehow very similar.”
  • “I understand the OP’s idea about BTS – BLACKPINK, but in terms of the image, I don’t know if it’s because they are from the same company or not, but WINNER – BLACKPINK have the same vibe …”
  • “Oh, I realize they are really similar after reading this post.”
  • “To me it’s EXO – Red Velvet / WINNER – BLACKPINK / BTS – TWICE / SEVENTEEN – G-Friend, the feelings these groups bring are very similar.”
  • “I must say the visuals of EXO and TWICE. Their average visuals are the best. They are all handsome and pretty.”

What do you think about the above boygroup – girlgroup pairs?