Although Hanbok is fairly rarely seen in K-Pop, there are still some idols who wore this traditional costume when appearing in their MV or performing on music stages. Whether keeping the original design or putting a modern touch on it, artists who use Hanbok as their costume always receive special attention from the Korean public.


As the title track of BTS‘ album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ released in 2018, ‘IDOL’ impressed listeners with its creative combination of traditional Korean musical instruments. In addition, the Hanbok-inspired outfits worn by BTS members in the MV, on stage and in many other promotional activities also left a special impression on the audience.


‘Shangri-La’ – VIXX

In 2017, VIXX released their 4th mini album titled ‘Shangri-La’ with the title track of the same name and quickly became a phenomenon with their historical concept and elegant Hanbok outfits. So far, ‘Shangri-La’ is still considered as one of the most memorable works in the career of “concept kings” VIXX.


‘Destiny’ – Oh My Girl

When participating in Mnet’s ‘Queendom’ in 2019, Oh My Girl delivered a stunning stage by remaking Lovelyz’s ‘Destiny’. Oh My Girl performed the song in a completely different style, using the sounds of traditional musical instruments and wearing Hanbok. This performance helped Oh My Girl capture the hearts of the audience and brought the group to the top in the second round.


‘Daechwita’ – Suga (BTS)

‘Daechwita’ is the title track of ‘D-2’ – the 2nd mixtape that Suga released under the stage name Agust D in May this year. The image of Suga in Hanbok appearing in the MV ‘Daechwita’ has received a lot of praise from Korean netizens because he contributed to promoting the traditional culture of the country through his music products.


‘How You Like That’ – BLACKPINK

In June this year, BLACKPINK caused a fever in K-Pop when they made a comeback with ‘How You Like That’. This comeback not only made a good impression by the song’s addictive melody but also by the innovative Hanbok that the members wear in the MV as well as on the stages. As world-famous stars, the fact that BLACKPINK brings the traditional costume into their new product has helped it get more attention globally, even causing many people to search and buy it.


‘Tiger Inside’ – SuperM

In preparation for their first full album titled ‘Super One’ to be released on September 25, SuperM releases 2 new singles. Following the single ‘100’ released on August 14, SM’s “super boy group” recently released a teaser photo for the 2nd single titled ‘Tiger Inside’, which will be released on September 1. The teaser photo quickly attracted the attention of Korean netizens as SuperM members all wore innovative outfits made from the traditional Hanbok.


The idols above have received very positive responses from the Korean public, as they have blown a new wind into the traditional culture. Among them, VIXX with the ancient concept in ‘Shangri-La’ is still considered by many Korean netizens to be the legend when it comes to the most beautiful Hanbok performance outfits.

Some top comments read:

  • “VIXX even uses hand fans as props, so perfect!”
  • “The Hanbok that VIXX and Oh My Girl wear are the best.”
  • “All of them look very nice. Hanbok itself is inherently beautiful and charming to wear in all cases.”
  • “I feel that after VIXX used Hanbok as their performance costumes, it became a trend in the industry and a lot of other idols followed them…”
  • “VIXX’s stage outfit from the ‘Shangri-La’ era was really beautiful …”
  • “VIXX’s stylists are really the best.”
  • “I think all idols should try using Hanbok as their performance outfit at least once in their careers…”
  • “I can’t wait to see SuperM perform ‘Tiger Inside’ in Hanbok…”
  • “VIXX’s outfits in the ‘Shangri-La’ era are really unforgettable…”
  • “I really like the Hanbok that BTS and SuperM wear…”
  • “As expected, the staff of VIXX are geniuses.”
  • “Even though I’m not a fan, I have to admit that VIXX’s stage outfits in are legendary…”