No matter the time or age, piercings have always been a go-to fashion choice to spice things up, add a little chicness and edge to a look. Visuals are a very important part of an idol’s performance and career. As much, stylists are always experimenting with making their idols look more and more appealing and charming to deliver their performance according to the desired concept.

While not all idols have real piercings, instead, they opt for temporary ornamentation that gives off the illusion of a piercing. Real or not, the aesthetic is perfectly immaculate. Here are seven times K-Pop idols wore facial piercings and pulled it off.


Wonho is known for always experimenting with his look, whether it comes to hair, face, or makeup. One such accessory he likes to play around with is the piercing and, more specifically, the face piercing. He has worn lip piercings, eyebrow piercings, and connector piercings (that connect his lip ring with his earring) multiple times during performances and music videos. It has always been received with squeals of joy and excitement from fans. Safe to say, he nailed the trend.



Bobby has a real eyebrow piercing that goes perfectly well with his image as a performer and a rapper. He’s someone you don’t want to mess with, and he established his name as a badass rapper ever since he first appeared in Mnet’s Show Me The Money. Very few idols have real piercings since they’re such a commitment and are sure to affect one’s visuals, but Bobby’s eyebrow piercing seems meant for his face completely.


3. GOT7 JB

JB is widely popular for his unique sense of style. No matter what he wears, he always ends up looking like a model. JB has a real nose piercing. After fans speculating about whether it was real or fake, he confirmed that it was, in fact, real. He has also sported lip rings, eyebrow rings, and dermal cheek piercings multiple times, giving him the perfect edge. The piercings suit him so well; fans almost wish they were all real.



Jongup wore a septum piercing during the music video for “Hands Up,” which was iconic and made waves in the fashion industry during that time. It suited him and his face structure so well, we wish it was a real piercing. Very few idols in general, male or female, are seen wearing the septum ring, and as much, his unique style statement is one to remember.



I.M has a real eyebrow piercing as well. However, he doesn’t always wear it, so when he does, suffice to say that fans go crazy over how good it looks on him. He can take it off and look like the soft boy supreme, and if he puts it on, he’s a badass that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Either way, he remains one of the best rappers in the industry.



Taeyong is also one of those idols that are not afraid to try new things. He has dyed his hair all different colors and even worn different colored lenses for a performance of “Around” on stage. She has a couple of ear piercings but the time he tried a lip ring in the middle of his bottom lip is perhaps the most memorable. There’s nothing that Taeyong cannot pull off.