Used to be a model, an actor when they were young, these names on this list have now transformed into gorgeous K-Pop idols like a bright star on stage.

Recently, a series of images of idols who used to be child models and actors have caused such a wave in the Korean online community. It turns out that these idols are already adorable since their young age.

Nancy (MOMOLAND) and Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Before becoming the idols with outstanding looks like now, Nancy and Vernon were once popular child models. It is known that the two have worked together to take photos for a fashion brand. As a foreigner, both Vernon and Nancy possess an eye-catching appearance.


Up to now, as an adult, these 2 idols are also known to be one of the members with the most outstanding visuals in the group.


Chanwoo (iKON)

As a child, Chanwoo of iKON was famous when he played the role of Lee Min Ho twice in the Meteor Garden and The Heirs twice. Every year the cute boy has grown up and captivated the fangirl’s heart with a handsome face and a perfect body.


Taehyun (TXT)


Before joining Big Hit and becoming BTS‘s junior, Taehyun of TXT was a famous child model. Currently, at the age of 18, he has matured and becomes a lot more attractive. Many fans even compare Taehyun’s appearance as beautiful as the character in a manga.




The childhood image of Junkyu (TREASURE) used to make the Korean online community wobble by being so cute. At present, the “younger brother BLACKPINK” is not too different from his childhood. Still, the big round eyes, high, straight nose, small lips, but his cuteness and handsomeness are multiplied many times.


Moonbin (ASTRO)

Since the age of 6, Moonbin of ASTRO has been a model and child actress who is familiar with many audiences. He played the role of So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) as a child in the Garden of Meteor.


In 2016, Moonbin debuted with ASTRO and made fans aghast because of his deadly handsome appearance and a warm smile.