These are real situations showing how quickly an idol can respond cleverly and professionally to difficult and awkward questions.

BTS was asked about a plagiarism accusation

During the press conference to release the album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’, a reporter asked BTS about the plagiarism accusation of a French photographer regarding the MV ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. This sudden question surprised some members, typically Jimin. However, after that, Suga professionally replied:

“In that regard, the legal department of our company is talking to the photographer. I believe that our official stance will be the same as that of the managing company. Our company is now considering this issue, so I’m sure everyone will know when there are results. Thanks!”

The concept of ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ was accused of plagiarism by a French photographer, who later wrote a letter to clear the misunderstanding.

MONSTA X had to tell what they thought of BTS’s Grammy nomination

MONSTA X had the chance to perform at Madison Square Garden as part of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball program in 2018. For them, this was a great moment in their career, so when the Access entertainment reporter interviewed them after the performance, MONSTA X showed full concentration. However, in the middle of the interview, this reporter decided to shift the focus of the conversation to BTS’s Grammy nomination, “Did you hear that BTS got a Grammy nomination today?” The question made fans angry and was deemed respectful and terrible. But MONSTA X managed to calmly congratulate BTS and said they were proud of them.

Park Bom got a question about Seungri’s scandal

In 2019, Park Bom had a quite successful comeback with ‘Spring’ after joining a new company. At the press conference to release the MV, a reporter mentioned her former agency, YG Entertainment, as well as the scandal of Seungri.

When being asked, “What do you think about the constant scandals that YG Entertainment has been involved in, especially that of Seungri?”, Park Bom was surprised but still skillfully handled the situation:

“I worked really hard for the comeback so I only got to know about the controversy lately. It’s my old company and I can’t really say anything about it.”

Park Bom rejected the question regarding Seungri’s scandal.

GOT7 was told to beat BTS

This must be one of the most awkward questions. At the MAMA 2019 backstage, GOT7 once shared with an AP reporter at that their goal was to become the biggest group in history. This caused the reporter to ask the JYP’s boy group, “So, you guys want to beat BTS?” Although a bit startled, BamBam cleverly answered the question: “No, no, no, no. We are friends.”

Jackson then also added: “There is no competition. It’s all love and support in the K-Pop.”

GOT7 confirmed that they are friends with BTS

Shin Dong Yeop made a joke against Heechul (Super Junior) and Momo (TWICE)

Shin Dong Yeop, Jo Bo Ah and Heechul were the 3 hosts of the 29th Seoul Music Awards. The show invited many idols, including TWICE. At that time, Heechul was revealed to have been dating Momo, so it was not clear whether by accident or by intention, Shin Dong Yeop turned to the Suju member and said: “A person you would be happy to see is sitting over there.” And he pointed towards the idols’ seats.

In response to the joke, Heechul seemed shocked, and the TWICE members were obviously annoyed. To ease the situation, Shin Dong Yeop then changed the subject, “I’m talking about Super Junior.”

Heechul was annoyed, and Momo was about to burst into tears at Shin Dong Yeop’s bad joke.