According to the data collected from Twitter, it is shown that Thailand is the country with the highest ratio of K-pop-related tweets. These 5 groups mentioned on this list are the most famous groups based on the amounts of the hashtags and account mentions in Thailand in the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

There are two groups with Thai member who is making waves in the industry, which is considered one of the reasons for the group to catch such that attention. Check out the list and find out who they are!

5. NCT 127

First on the list is NCT 127. Their lovable personalities, good looks, and sheer talent have contributed to their immense international growth.


Although they are a group of many members, each individual has their own talent and charisma that attract the fans in many ways. NCT also is built in a smart system of small units to focus more on different music styles and ages, which helps to extend the target audience for the whole group combined.

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4. EXO

Since their debut in 2012, EXO has always had Thailand fanbase strong and powerful years by years. With many concerts to be held in Thai, EXO always received a warm welcome whenever coming to the country, as well as to any movie or music projects of the whole group or each member.


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BLACKPINK is gaining big love from Thailand BLINKs than ever. Lisa – the only Thai member in the group is the most popular celebrities in the country. However, the other member also has a strong fanbase in Thailand due to their styles, talents, personalities and characteristics they bring up.


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2. BTS

BTS is getting stronger and stronger for their music and in Thailand, BTS ranks at second place with such a huge fanbase. Shout out to Thai ARMYs for this achievement!


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1. GOT7

And the most popular group in Thailand is calling the name of Got7 – with Bambam is in the group.


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