Ever heard of “the face completes the fashion”? If you fit this description, we’re pretty sure you could wear a garbage bag and still manage to make it look like this season’s Gucci. Korean netizens have been fawning over expensive-looking idols, and in particular, these 4 female idols that look as precious as princesses.

1. Lia of ITZY

Since the debut days, Lia has always given out the expensive and fancy vibes like a real princess in real life. According to her pre-debut photos, she was considered as being born in a wealthy family, and the vibe she expressed was not only a “vibe” at all.


A famous anecdote from her pre-debut ask.fm was that upon being asked which school she wanted to go to, Lia was weighing her options between going to college in the U.S or the U.K. As studying abroad is considered a huge privilege with large monetary costs, Lia not having to worry about tuition fees speaks volumes.


Lia has the cold charisma and “hard-to-reach” feeling from the audience, which makes her like a princess with the silver spoon in her mouth.

2. Jennie of BLACKPINK

Being called as “Gucci human”, Jennie always looks like an expensive girl come straight from any Korean “chaebol” family.


Her face is not the regular beauty because it has a high-fashion vibe like she was born to make any clothes look like luxurious brands.

Although it has never been officially confirmed what her parents actually do for a living despite many rumors and speculations, there’s no doubt she came from a well-off family.


From being born and bred in Chungdamdong, one of Seoul’s most expensive districts, to being sent off to New Zealand for studies on a whim.

3. Minnie of (G)-IDLE

While various rumors about just how rich Minnie’s family is has been swirling on the internet, only one of them is confirmed. Her uncle is Nat Yontararak, one of Thailand’s most celebrated musicians.


She studied at the Wattana Wittaya Academy before moving to Korea to pursue her dreams. This school is one of Thailand’s first boarding schools for girls and runs on an international curriculum.


Therefore her tuition fees would be much higher than regular fee, which makes fans believed that she comes from an above-average family.

4. Mina from TWICE

Mina’s pedigreed family background is a famous one. Her father Akira Myoui, is a top surgeon at one of Osaka’s best hospitals.


Eventually, she was casted in the streets and entered JYP Entertainment as a trainee. Looks like it was written in the stars for her to become famous.

Since debut days, Mina has always been considered as delivering the posture and manner of a high-class lady. Turns out it’t not just a “vibe”, it’s her real life.


Despite being born in a family with good conditions, these 4 names are real proof that attending K-Pop is just so harsh and needing real talent. Shout out to them as working so hard and gaining the success by blood, sweat and tears.