Korean netizens believe that these are the 3 male idols who have the funniest expressions that can give anyone a good laugh.

K-Pop gen 3 has no shortage of handsome male idols with good entertainment talents, suitable for creating a bright atmosphere and going to variety shows. However, if it comes to the funniest ones in Knet’s eyes, here are the 3 most notable names. These guys can make you laugh without trying anything.



Baekhyun is the first choice when it comes to a funny idol. He is known as the funniest member of EXO. According to netizens, the guy can pursue a sweet image as well as a cool and seductive one when on stage. But in real life, he immediately becomes a master of jokes.


Korean netizens commented: “Just by watching Baekhyun’s GIFs, I can hear his loud voice. He’s really humorous. He is the one who stirs up the atmosphere. I must say that he is naturally gifted at variety shows hahaha ~”

A famous meme of Baekhyun



The second is BTS’s oldest member Jin. This Worldwide Handsome may look calm and cool at first, but in fact, Jin is very funny with both his words (dad jokes) and body (movements that not everyone understand).


Knet explained why Jin must be in the Top 3: “Seriously every time I look at his GIF in’ Knowing Bros’, I burst out laughing. Jin is also very good at breaking the ice. His dad jokes are weird, but they make him even more funny.”

Quality meme indeed



And finally, the indispensable guy in the Top 3 is SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom. DK has a very masculine, sharp face line that is extremely attractive. He exudes a natural charm whether in photos or performing on stage. But when it comes to variety shows and hidden cameras, he is another person.


In SEVENTEEN, every member is funny, but there is something special that makes DK’s humor more natural and funny. Netizens commented: “Dokyeom must be here! In SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan is also very funny but Dokyeom is just insane. He has a very unique enthusiasm and the funniest expressions. Every time I see him playing a game, I laugh non-stop.”

Another good meme

Finally, Knet summarized about these 3 “variety gods” that: “Really, they are all very good at entertainment shows. They are really humorous. Remember to watch ‘EXO’s Ladder’, ‘RUN! BTS’ and ‘Going SEVENTEEN’, everyone, for a lot of laughters!”

What about you? Who is the funniest idols in your eyes?