Many listeners have been captivated by Red Velvet‘s B-side songs and claimed some are even better than the group’s title tracks.


As one of the most popular girl groups in the 3rd generation of K-Pop idols, Red Velvet owns a lot of hits. Many of their title songs did very well on digital music charts in South Korea. In addition, the girl group from SM Entertainment also has many B-side songs that are as loved by the audience as the title tracks.

Korean netizens recently discussed Red Velvet’s special songs. Many people believe that there are 3 songs of the group that are more popular than most of the title songs Red Velvet has released, even though they are just B-side. These 3 B-side songs include:

Sunny Side Up!

In & Out

You Better Know

Many netizens agree with the list of the aforementioned 3 songs, but there are also comments that Red Velvet still has other good B-side songs:

  • “I disagree because there is no ‘Kingdom Com’ in the list.”
  • “I like ‘You Better Know’ very much. Everyone has to listen to this song in the summer.”
  • “Why isn’t there ‘Oh Boy’?”
  • “No ‘Oh Boy’ and ‘Kingdom Come’. How can you forget them?!?!?!?!!!!”
  • “Well, the first 2 songs are the ones I downloaded. I think I have to listen to the third song now.”
  • “All of Red Velvet’s songs are very good but I really like ‘In & Out’…”
  • ” ‘Zoo’, ‘Blue Lemonade’, and ‘Mojito’ are my favorites.”
  • “These 3 songs are all good, but they don’t seem to be popular songs. I like ‘Zoo’, ‘Oh Boy’, and ‘Kingdom Come’.
  • “In the summer, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Blue Lemonade’ is the best.”

What about you? Which B-side song of Red Velvet do you love the most? Please share your thought.