Boy group 2AM member Lim Seulong and singer Son Dambi will make a guest appearance on JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Knowing Bros’.


According to JoyNews24 on May 28, Seulong and Son Dambi will participate in the recording of JTBC’s variety program ‘Knowing Bros’.

In particular, Seulong already met Kang Ho Dong of ‘Knowing Bros’ multiple times on SBS’ ‘Star King’, drawing much attention to his appearance in the show this time.

2AM Jo Kwon previously appeared in an episode of ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired in April, and revealed his fellow member as a victim of ‘Star King’. Jo Kwon said, “It must have been hard to sit for a long time without a backrest because ‘Star King’ was recorded for a long time and Seulong was 187cm tall. On top of that, Ho Dong ignores him if he tries to make a comment.”

The upcoming reunion of Seulong and Kang Ho Dong makes viewers wonder what kind of behind-the-scenes story the singer will tell when he meets the MC. In addition, Son Dambi’s re-appearance on ‘Knowing Bros‘ is also considered a highly anticipated point, as she and the 2AM member are real best friends.

The episode featuring Seulong and Son Dambi is set to air sometime in June.