Singers Zico and Kang Daniel showed Korean beauty striking through the latest concept photos.

On April 16, Starship Entertainment is working on a global Kpop project with brand Pepsi. Through the official SNS channel, the conceptual photo of ‘For The Love of Korea’ was uploaded and announced the release of a new song on April 23.


In the concept photos published, the heroines of this project Zico and Kang Daniel appeared and attracted attention. In the Koreanization background, the two men dressed in a subtle combination of the green vest and hanbok jacket creating the great harmony of the East and the West style. In particular, the overwhelming appearance gives a disturbance and the eyes radiate a strong attraction that makes viewers feel warm. Previously, in 2018, the two had once collaborated with a great project track, so this time it is expected to effectively demonstrate the synergy of rich music. Expectations for a brilliant collab are rising.

2020 Pepsi Korea is carrying out the project: “We respect the unique culture of the countries in the world and the Korean culture” and expressed special meaning that: “You can pray all your love by sending encouragement messages through the #FORTHELOVEOFIT slogan”.


Zico had swept the Korean charts with the recent hit “Any Song“. Kang Daniel also made a comeback with the new album “CYAN“, which was extremely successful.

In addition, the new song of PepsiXStarship (2020) with the participation of Zico and Kang Daniel will be released suddenly on April 23.