August 2020 was a “fiery” month with the comebacks of many popular K-Pop girl groups, including highly anticipated names such as BLACKPINK, (G)I-DLE, ITZY… Their newly-released products certainly have a big impact on the chart of the most viewed MVs of the month, but it is also important to mention that some MVs, even though released for a long time, are still so popular. Let’s take a look at the 20 K-Pop girl groups’ MVs that gained the most views in August 2020.

No.20: TWICE – WHAT IS LOVE? (9,507,587 views)

No.19: TWICE – FANCY YOU (10,865,979 views)

No.18: TWICE – FEEL SPECIAL (12,602,146 views)

No.17: RED VELVET – PSYCHO (13,199,289 views)

No.16: IRENE & SEULGI (RED VELVET) – MONSTER (13,533,436 views)

No.15: MAMAMOO – HIP (14,085,875 views)

No.14: BLACKPINK – PLAYING WITH FIRE (14,896,050 views)

No.13: BLACKPINK – WHISTLE (16,196,909 views)

No.12: DREAMCATCHER – BOCA (18,548,159 views)

No.11: ITZY – WANNABE (19,241,857 views)

No.10: JENNIE (BLACKPINK) – SOLO (19,770,167 views)

No.9: TWICE – MORE & MORE (20,004,866 views)

No.8: BLACKPINK – AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (20,685,185 views)

No.7: BLACKPINK – BOOMBAYAH (31,918,812 views)

No.6: ITZY – NOT SHY (36,007,934 views)

No.5: BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU (43,945,639 views)

No.4: BLACKPINK – KILL THIS LOVE (53,093,881 views)

No.3: (G)I-DLE – DUMDi DUMDi (64,569,553 views)

No.2: BLACKPINK – HOW YOU LIKE THAT (111,608,154 views)

No.1: BLACKPINK (and Selena Gomez) – ICE CREAM (133,563,070 views)

Which MV are you most impressed with in the list? Are your favorite MVs in the chart? Please share with us.