20 Most Powerful Rap Lines from K-pop Groups, By Netizens

20 Most Powerful Rap Lines from K-pop Groups, By Netizens

K-pop groups are usually composed of three groups, including the vocal lines, dance lines, and the rap lines. Among the...

K-pop groups are usually composed of three groups, including the vocal lines, dance lines, and the rap lines. Among the three, rappers of the groups are truly honorable, as aside from giving spice to the narration of the song, most of the rappers listed below produce, compose, and are writing their own songs!

In the following list, you will see the strongest rap lines from K-pop, which voices and flow are praiseworthy!

[Disclaimer: the list is ranked in no particular order]

1. BIGBANG G-Dragon and T.O.P

No doubt, the “Kings'' are indeed one of the strongest and influential rappers of all-time. Their lyrics might sound “what?” but they don’t just strike a series of nonsense words but their tracks always have an underlying message that they want to convey.

2. BLOCK B Zico, Kyung, and P.O

Block B consistently writes their own lyrics, that’s why they can always feature their distinct sound. The three rappers have their different styles when rapping but their overall rap flow shows the emotion greatly and will never disappoint you.

3. BTS Suga, J-Hope, and RM

BTS rap line has spectacular skills in creating brilliant rap flows, who are truly hands-on from writing and composing the lyrics and tone to producing the song.

4. Stray Kids

As they are a rap-based group, there’s no doubt that this group carries a powerful rap line that is seriously the future of fourth-gen K-pop.

5. NCT Rap lines

NCT rap lines has that innate talent at rapping that captured several K-pop enthusiasts’ attention. They have crazy swag that can be seen in each unit!

6. BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie

There are various rappers coming from female groups, but BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie’s tandem is seriously top-tier! Lisa is the main dancer, but her pronunciation given that she’s a Thai will give you a jaw-dropping reaction, while Jennie is always unleashing her girl-crush vibes with her rap flow.

7. BTOB Minhyuk, Peniel, and Ilhoon

BTOB’s rap line is just pure music to the ear. Each of the members can write and compose their own sensical lyrics, giving an emotional spice to the narration of the song.

8. B.A.P Yongguk and Zelo

Who doesn’t know “Pray”? Just listening to it will prove to you how phenomenal this rap line is! No words, just seriously listen to their song!

9. TWICE Dahyun and Chaeyoung

Both members are both sassy and chaotic off-stage, but when they rap you will be amazed to see a different side of Dahyun and Chaeyoung!


Jooheon and I.M are seriously top-tier as well! These rap lines seriously got a unique voice and rapping style that is pleasing yet will get you hyped over their tracks.

11. GOT7 Bambam, Jackson and Mark

GOT7 is seriously a reflection of a perfect K-pop group. From visuals, to dancing, to vocals, and rapping – is there anything they can’t do?

12. WINNER Mino and Seunghoon

WINNER is truly the champion of winning and owning a sharp and recognizable tone that made up their group’s sound!

13. EXO Chanyeol and Sehun

This duo rapping skill is also one of the best. Their own sub-unit songs are bops, not to mention how they are also a talent and visual bucket who can both sing, dance, rap, and possess superior visuals, too.

14. ATEEZ Hong Joong and Mingi

In terms of rap line, Hongjoong and Mingi are sitting on one of the highest-level spots!

15. iKON Bobby and former member Hanbin

B.I’s compositions are always lyrical, and when a beat was already combined, Hanbin and Bobby’s rap flow will either get you emotional or make you banging your head to dance along with the beat.

16. PENTAGON Yuto, former member E’Dawn and Wooseok

Yuto and Wooseok have distinguishable and different styles at rapping, but their combined rapping synergy punches your emotion once you hear their songs.

17. SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop Unit

At this point, you can say that SEVENTEEN is one of the crèmes de la crème group in the music scene! Their synchronized dancing is already worthy for you to stan them, what more if you see their hip-hop unit showcasing swag and effortless coolness?

18. MAMAMOO Hwasa and Moonbyul

Badass? Girls-Crush? Dope Rap? You are probably describing MAMAMOO’s rap line then. Hwasa’s rasp and Moonbyul’s deep voices when combined are truly enticing!

19. SHINee Minho and Key

Who can still remember the “Dibidibidis” iconic line? Well, congratulations on being a senior fan! Kidding aside, Minho’s deep rapping voice is like a trigger to your ear and will make you listen more, while Key’s rap especially in English is so sexy!

20. CLC Yeeun and Eunbin

Yeeun is always sassy with the perfect attitude and flow for a rapper! Despite her young age when she debuted, she can already turn the table with her sizzling performance and vibes, not to mention when she rapped alongside Eunbin.