You will have a good laugh looking at these Korean male stars with disaster hairstyles that even their visual cannot be save it.

Not only conquering the audience thanks to their excellent acting ability, the top Korean actors also steal the hearts of millions of female fans with their handsome, masculine and seductive appearance.

However, stars sometimes still encounter moments of embarrassment when they forget to cut their hair or grow it too long. Their ‘unique’ hair has often made many people laugh.

Park Seo Joon was once a skinny boy with this blonde hair.

People often think that the styles, clothes and fashion, especially the look of male stars would be somewhat more comfortable than women. However, the male idols in the hearts of fans also have many times gone into a “dilemma” because of their pathetic hairstyle.

Lee Dong Wook with feminine appearance and long hair.
Lee Min Ho tried to grow his hair and it almost covered his face that fans love.
Ji Chang Wook with long curly hair.
Song Joong Ki also once attended an event with curly hair.
Lee Kwang Soo hust made fans speechless.
Kim Soo Hynn got this hairstyle for his movie.
Lee Jong Suk in a movie.

These funny photos show that male stars should not only care for their face, physique, fashion, and charisma but also have to worry about their hair.

The confusing winter outfit of G-Dragon.

Not only do fans laugh because of their hairstyle, K-Pop male idols also sometimes appear in poorly styled costumes. Netizens claim that these are the times when idols get caught in a “feud” with the stylist.

The flowery outfit with inappropriate colors on Kim Heechul.
Lee Jong Suk’s weird outfit made him less handsome.
WINNER Kim Jin Woo’s hairstyle and shorts made him look so girly.
Jang Geun Suk with the outfit that did not “fit” him at all.