These idols will be all 30 years old in 2021. Even so, many people still mistakenly think that they are only in their early 20s.

EXO’s beagle line – Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol – were all born in 1992.

There are only about 4 months left before the whole world together welcomes 2021. According to the Korean age reckoning, those born in 1992 will officially turn 30 next year. And of course, the country’s celebrities are no exception, although their looks may be completely different from someone who is about to turn 30.

Korean netizens recently made a list of K-Pop idols born in 1992. Some of these idols are the eldest one in their group, some aren’t.

Jin (BTS): Born on December 4, 1992

Baekhyun (EXO): Born on May 6, 1992

Chen (EXO): Born on September 21, 1992

Chanyeol (EXO): Born on November 27, 1992

Shownu (MONSTA X): Born on June 18, 1992

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO): Born on December 22, 1992

Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER): Born on January 11, 1992

J.Seph (KARD): Born on June 21, 1992

Ken (VIXX): Born on April 6, 1992

Jinho (PENTAGON): Born on April 17, 1992

Baby Soul (Lovelyz): Born on July 6, 1992

Im Hyunsik (BTOB): Born on March 7, 1992

Many people were surprised to know that these idols are only a few months away from being 30 years old. They just look too young!

Some top comments from Knet read:

  • “Seokjin? He’s almost 30 years old but he is still so cute.”
  • “Baekhyun……. 30 years old …… ???”
  • “To me, PENTAGON is still just a rookie, how long have they debuted?”
  • “This is crazy … Time passes so quickly.”
  • “And all of them look extremely young.”
  • “Jin is like a vampire, time goes by but he is getting younger and younger.”
  • “For me, Baekhyun is only 22 years old!”
  • “Most of the male idols will enlist this year or next year.”
  • “Moonbyul???????????? Really ?????? I’m shook!”
  • “What ???? Am I the only one getting old…?”