K-Pop idols are all extremely talented, and astound fans with their skills each time! That being said, some groups stand out for their insane level of talent right from the get-go and are even labelled as “monster rookies” upon their debut! Here are 12 groups who burst into the scene with incredible talent, according to fans!

1. SHINee

All fans agree that SHINee is a group that has it all, from visuals to vocals to dance skills! They immediately gained attention with their debut song “Replay”, and the song was especially notable for Onew‘s famous line”Noona, you’re my MVP”!


MAMAMOO is a group well-noted for their extremely strong vocals, and have been consistent with their stellar performance skills ever since their debut in 2014!

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TVXQ is another group that is praised for their incredible vocals, and dominated the scene with their talents from the get-go!


Ever since their debut in 2018, ATEEZ has been steadily gaining attention for how well-rounded they are in terms of talent! Many fans remark that their debut stage always feels like a well-polished stage where they feel more like a veteran group instead of a rookie group!


ITZY is a group well-known for their incredibly strong dancing skills, and their visuals make them stand out as well!

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6. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 with “Into The New World”, and fans believe that they continue to retain their strong presence in terms of vocal, dance, visual and variety skills!

7. Red Velvet

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with “Happiness” and were immediately dubbed as “monster rookies”, with Wendy especially gaining attention for her vocals in the bridge of the song! They further gained attention when they released their first velvet track titled “Be Natural” featuring NCT’s Taeyong, which drew further attention to their incredible vocals and dance skill!


BLACKPINK created a splash in 2016 when they debuted with “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, and immediately gained a large following with their polished and incredible talents in singing, dancing and rapping, not to mention their gorgeous visuals!

9. EXO

EXO climbed to the top of boy group appeal with “Growl” in 2013, but even during their debut, they were noticed immediately for their immensely strong vocals, dancing and striking visuals!

10. NCT

Most of the NCT members were known to the public through SM Entertainment‘s pre-debut system SM Rookies, and there was already considerable hype for their debut! Three units debuted in 2016; NCT UNCT 127 and NCT Dream, and they were all noted for their incredible skills, visuals and charms as a group!

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11. TXT

TXT followed BTS as the next boy group under Big Hit Entertainment, and lived up to the hype of their debut by showcasing their incredible talents in vocals and dance, and also warmed fans up considerably with their charming visuals!


SEVENTEEN is the second boy group under Pledis Entertainment, and gained attention for being a self-producing idol group with their debut track “Adore U”. Their incredible, intricate choreogrpahies and bright visuals also gained attention, and they continue to dominate the boy group idol scene!