The Kpop music market annually appears continuously with new rookie names. When it comes to debut albums, the results can explode, or “flop”, depending on how the company promotes the group. Once fans spend money to buy their debut album, they “bet” their love and affection for a brand new group.

The 15 names below are the best-selling debut albums of Kpop girl groups.

11. Seven Springs of Apink – Apink

Apink is considered a group with the most persistent vitality in Kpop. Generation 2 representatives made an impressive debut in 2011 with the album Seven Springs of Apink. This album sold 26.9 thousand copies.


10. Hi! Pristin – Pristin

Pristin was an impressive rookie with a series of awards achieved in 2017. However, the potential factor of Pledis suddenly disbanded regretfully after a long time of “freezing” activities. The group’s debut album is Hi! Pristin once sold 43.3 thousand copies.


9. LATATA – (G)-Idle

(G) I-DLE‘s LATATA is also considered the most impressive debut hit of Kpop. Along with the title song causing fever, the group’s album I Am also owns a large number of sales: 46.7 thousand copies.


8. WEME – Weki Meki

Weki Meki is an 8-member group. In particular, members Elly, Yoojung, Doyeon, Sei, and Yejin are known through the program Produce 101 season 1. Yoojung and Doyeon are also in the top 11 final and debuted with the project girl group I.O.I. That is why Weki Meki’s debut with Weme attracted the attention of many fans. This album sold 50,3 thousand copies.


7. [ + + ] – LOONA

LOONA since its debut has attracted attention thanks to the label “invested 8 times more than TWICE”. The group’s [+ +] album has sold 61.5 thousand copies. Over time, LOONA is gradually proving that what their investment is worthy of quality returns.


6. Chrysalis – I.O.I

IOI is a group that came out of the first season of Produce 101. The public’s interest in IOI is extremely large when the audience gets to know the members through activities, stage performances. at Produce 101. The group’s debut album Chrysalis has sold 87,000 copies.


5. Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

As SM’s newest generation girl group, Red Velvet has had a very successful debut with the song “Ice Cream Cake” and the album of the same name. Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake album has sold 91,000 copies, ranking 5th on this list.


4. IT’z ICY – Itzy

ITZY is TWICE’s junior group, released by JYP in 2019. Immediately, ITZY has become a “dinosaur rookie” with good achievements on both the YouTube front, digital music, and album sales. The number of copies sold by the album IT’z ICY was 144.9 thousand copies, ranking 4th on the list.


3. The Story Begins – TWICE

Ranking above ITZY is the sister of the same family, TWICE. Inheriting the level of interest after the Sixteen show, TWICE had a quite outstanding debut with the song Like Ooh Ahh and the album The Story Begins. This album has sold 206.4 thousand copies, ranking 3rd.



IZ*ONE was selected by the survival program Produce48 (Produce 101 season 3). The group debuted with the song La Vie En Rose with the album COLOR * IZ. The album sales were extremely impressed with 278.8 copies, ranking second on the list.



The first rank on this list belongs to BLACKPINK. On the girl group front, BLACKPINK holds countless records related to YouTube, digital music, and albums. Along with the dominance of two title songs Boombayah and Whistle, BLACKPINK’s debut album, Square Up, has also proven the group’s strong fan base. This album has sold 328.4 thousand copies.