In an episode of ‘TMI News’, popular music channel Mnet has named the 10 most well-known K-Pop hits of the 21st century. These are considered as the “Nation’s hits”, songs that are so popular they are known to people of all ages, can be easily sung along by anyone, and are widely used in many TV shows and movies.

The top 10 Nation’s K-Pop hits of the 21st century according to Mnet include:

TWICE – ‘Cheer Up’


Crayon Pop – ‘Bar Bar Bar’


iKON – ‘Love Scenario’


EXO – ‘Growl’


Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’


Busker Busker – ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’


SNSD – ‘Gee’


Lee Hyori – ’10 Minutes’


Wonder Girls – ‘Tell Me’


PSY – ‘Gangnam Style’


It can be easily seen that BTS does not have any songs in the top 10, even though they are considered the most popular group today and possess a series of top achievements and records. This has resulted in many netizens starting to shade the Big Hit’s boy group in the comments section, saying that they have not yet had a nation’s hit worthy of their current popularity. Many people also affirmed that achievements on Billboard cannot be considered as the standard of a hit song in South Korea, because BTS’ songs are still quite unfamiliar to the Korean public in general.

Some top comments include:

  • “But no matter how good BTS’s achievements are, honestly do they have any hits that the entire nation knows…? Don’t change the subject.”
  • “To be honest, out of BTS’s songs, none of them have become a true hit in South Korea like the ones on this list… I know their songs are good. They are already on Billboard, but not massively popular in Korea.”
  • “Since when the standard for a hit song is Billboard?”
  • “People still believe Mnet’s ‘TMI News’?”
  • “Even if it gets No.1 on Billboard, if it is not known by the Korean public, it is not a nation’s hit.”
  • “Where is Big Bang’s ‘Lies’???”
  • “But this list is true, to be honest. There isn’t a song on this list that we don’t know. They are all nation’s hits and hugelypopular songs.”

Do you agree with the above list?