Melon is the most popular music platform in South Korea. Recently, the Melon Chart announced the top 10 most searched K-Pop idol groups on their site in July 2020. Remarkably, besides the popular K-Pop gen-3 groups, two K-Pop gen-2 groups – BIGBANG and TEEN TOP – appeared on the list, even though they haven’t been active for a long long time. This proves that their influence is not diminished over time and their songs are still very well received by Korean netizens.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular K-Pop groups on Melon in July 2020.

NO.10: GFRIEND – 294,154 searches


NO.9: EXO – 345,441 searches


NO.8: TWICE – 363,651 searches


NO.7: TEEN TOP – 388,529 searches


NO.6: SEVENTEEN – 402.207 search queries


NO.5: RED VELVET – 406,776 searches


NO.4: OH MY GIRL – 414,546 searches


NO.3: BIGBANG – 417,419 searches


NO.2: BLACKPINK – 669,823 searches


NO.1: BTS – 1,019,049 searches


As you can see, BTS continued to be the most searched K-Pop group on Melon in July 2020 with the number of searches ‘overwhelming’ the other positions, reaching over 1 million. Although the Big Hit group has not made a comeback in Korea in recent months and only released a Japanese album, their influence in the Melon chart is still strong.

BLACKPINK is the most searched K-Pop girl group on Melon in July 2020. Their comeback ‘How You Like That’ certainly has a significant impact on this achievement as the girls have topped many digital charts in South Korea, not just Melon.

However, perhaps the most impressive positions on this list is the 2 male groups from K-Pop generation 2 – BIGBANG and TEEN TOP. For a long time, TEEN TOP has not had any activity, so they didn’t appear in any chart on Melon. But recently, Teen Top celebrated their 10th anniversary with performances on Music Bank and M Countdown. As a result, the name of the group is often mentioned and searched for, as users want to listen to the quality songs that seemed to have been ‘forgotten’ of the talented group.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has not made any comeback or project recently, but for most of the months they have appeared in the Melon Chart. Despite having faced a “boycott” from Korean netizens, in fact, Korean people could not give up listening to the group’s quality songs.

What is your favorite group in this July rankings?