There is only about 3 months left before 2020 ends, so netizens are starting to look back on what K-Pop artists have done so far this year. A post on an online forum recently made a list of albums by 4th generation boy groups (debuted around the end of 2017 onwards) with the highest sales on the Hanteo Chart in 2020.


There are seven 4th generation boy groups featured in the 10 positions of this list, and their specific rankings are as follows.

  1. ATEEZ (ZERO: Fever, Part.1)
  2. Stray Kids (IN生)
  3. TXT (The Dream Chapter: Eternity)
  4. Stray Kids (Go生)
  5. The Boyz (Chase)
  6. TREASURE (The First Step: Chapter One)
  7. TREASURE (The First Step: Chapter Two)
  8. ATEEZ (Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer)
  9. AB6IX (Vivid)
  10. CRAVITY (Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into)
The detailed sales

ATEEZ is definitely the name that caused the biggest surprise when they surpassed famous names from big companies such as the BIG 3 and Big Hit Entertainment to occupy the first place. Although not so well-known in South Korea, ATEEZ is hugely popular abroad and soon owns a huge international fan base only 2 years after their debut.

Here are some comments from Korean netizens on the list:

  • “There may still be a lot of people who don’t know ATEEZ, but they’re a group with quality music and their stage performance is good too!”
  • “Wow, ATEEZ is really incredible!”
  • “Stray Kids’ album sales are no joke…”
  • “All the Stray Kids members are vert talented, no one is left behind. They also participated in composing the songs and were also the first artists that made me feel comfortable listening to rap. Changbin and Han are really the best rapper out of all idols for me. I once thought they had 10 years of rapping experience !!!! They dance well and each member’s ability is also excellent!”
  • “How can ATEEZ sell so many albums? Daebak!!!”
  • The Boyz is only from a small company but they managed to appear on this list.”
  • “ATEEZ and Stray Kids are amazing!”
  • “Stray Kids is the best for me…”