Actor Yoon Sun Woo, who starred in ‘Hot Stove League‘ with Nam Goong Min, will once again act alongside his castmate in tvN’s drama ‘Day and Night’.

On April 17, a source told Sports Chosun, “Yoon Sun Woo will join tvN’s new drama ‘Day and Night’ (written by Shin Yoo Dam, directed by Kim Jung Hyun). He is also reading the entire script today.”


‘Day and Night’ is a mystery drama revolving around the story of emotionally empty children gathering to find their identity as ordinary people, and to crush the conspiracy of the people who used them as tools to gain intelligence beyond human limits through experiments.

Nam Goong Min, who had already made a “big hit” earlier this year with ‘Hot Stove League,’ will take on the lead role, while Lee Chung Ah and Seol Hyun also confirmed to joined the TV series.

In ‘Day and Night’, Yoon Sun Woo will transform into a secretive engineer. He is a man who seems to be a social outcast, who has conjunctivitis and obsessive compulsive disorder, but in fact, he is a person who is performing a secret mission within the portal site MODU, which gives tension to the story.


Yoon previously worked with Nam Goong Min in ‘Hot Stove League.’ So expectations are also high on what kind of chemistry they will give in ‘Day and Night’.

After debuting in 2003 through EBS children’s drama ‘Environment Sentai Genta Force’, Yoon has been known to viewers by starring in KBS2‘s ‘Liver or Die’.