tvN’s “Memorist” will be taking another shocking turn in the upcoming episode.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Memorist” tells the story of Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho), a detective with supernatural powers, and Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young), an elite criminal profiler, who team up to track down a serial killer.


Previously, Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi realized their parents’ murders may be connected to the same person. The suspect boldly left trails to mock their deaths, and the two officially teamed up for a secret investigation. Their search led them to Jin Jae Kyu (Jo Han Chul), who worked as a photojournalist at the time the serial killings occurred 20 years ago and had experience with special effect makeup like the criminal.

In new stills, Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi visit a remote place where Jin Jae Kyu and suspicious reporter Jo Sung Dong (Yoo Ha Bok) are at. In one photo, Dong Baek angrily grabs Jo Sung Dong’s collar, but both Jo Sung Dong and Jin Jae Kyu look as calm as ever. The tension rises to the highest point possible as Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi try to find the truth through Jin Jae Kyu and Jo Sung Dong.


The production crew hyped up the anticipation for tonight’s episode, saying, “The emergence of Jin Jae Kyu puts the mysterious events that have taken place into an uncontrollable whirlpool. An unpredictable and thrilling psychological battle will unfold because of Jin Jae Kyu, who continuously provokes Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi, and Jo Sung Dong, who Han Sun Mi thought of as a prime suspect.”

Episode 7 of “Memorist” will air on April 1 at 10:50 p.m. KST.