The popular webtoon ‘Borrowed Body’, which has been published on Kakao Page, will be transformed into a drama scheduled to air in the 2nd half of 2020.


Jaedam Media, a cartoon agency that manages the work, announced on May 27 that it has recently signed a contract with Studio 329 to produce the drama.

“Borrowed Body is a romance set in an academy featuring Sangyu, who became a gloomy child in his first year of high school, Um Chinah and Darim, who are good at sports as well as an honor student, and Hoyoung, Darim’s crush. Darim, who confessed to Hoyoung but was rejected, has to deal with an incident caused by a disturbance that happens when Sangyu’s and his body are switched.

The first episode, which was released through Kakao Page in July 2019, gathered a huge fandom in Naver Webtoon’s Best Challenge section and Daum’s Webtoon League, which can be said to be the gateway to amateur works, before the official serialization took place.

Hwang Nam Yong, CEO of Jeadam Media, who paid attention to the work at the time, said, “It is a harmonious production of a story that captures viewers with the cute composition on a pastel tone and the romance of teenagers.”

The webtoon is currently over 40 episodes, leading to mixed romance between the main characters.The number of comments for the webtoon surpassed 7,000 and attracted a total of more than 280,000 readers.

Studio 329, which recently introduced the hit drama ‘Extracurricular‘, is in charge of the production. ‘Borrowed Body’ is scheduled to air in the second half of this year after finishing working on the script.