After Tzuyu shared her dating plan with fans, netizens discovered that she used to have the same date with a special person.


Tzuyu (TWICE) is one of the most members having a lot of fans in the group, so her dating is especially interested in. Recently, she recently shared with fans about her plans for a romantic date. Shortly after, fans discovered that she had once been with a special person in the same date.

Tzuyu usually hangs out with Elkie (CLC)

According to TWICE’s maknae, there are three things couples need to do to make the date perfect. First, the couple should relax together. The best way is to walk together, this helps the two can talk, become more intimate. The second thing is to eat delicious food together where appropriate.


She said that it is not necessary to choose expensive or flashy places. Instead, the female idol prefers a place with a relaxed atmosphere and good food. In the end, the couple should freely talk to understand each other. These things combined will create a romantic, sweet dating.


Fans realized that this is exactly what Tzuyu used to do with her best friend Elkie (CLC). It is known that Tzuyu and Elkie are famous best friends in Kpop. The two girls often go out together. The two female idols did not hesitate to show off photos together on their personal social media account.

Elkie (CLC)