Do you like high school uniforms? Many are in love with this outfit. Idols and actors are often seen wearing them and they steal the hearts of fans with it.

In airing dramas, there are actors who caught the attention of viewers with their good acting and flower boy looks in school uniforms.

Here are 9 handsome actors wearing school uniforms in dramas airing in September 2020 (only).

Note: this is not a ranking.

1- Lee DoHyun (“18 Again”)

Lee DoHyun is one of the leads of the drama “18 Again”. He caught attention with his handsome visuals one more time in the high school uniform.

2- Golden Child’s BoMin (“18 Again”)

BoMin is wearing the high school uniform one more time for his supporting role in the drama “18 Again”. BoMin looks charming with the uniform.

3- RyeoUn (“18 Again”)

RyeoUn is back with another high school student role in the drama “18 Again” as a supporting role. With his fresh visuals, he suits the uniform.

4- Hwang InYeop (“18 Again”)

Hwang InYeop also has charming looks in the school uniform in the drama “18 Again” (supporting role). The actor was cast as lead actor in the highly awaited drama “True Beauty” where he will also be a high school student.

5- Park JiHoon (“Love Revolution”)

Park JiHoon looks adorable in any clothes but the high school uniform suits him particularly well in the web drama “Love Revolution” where he is acting as the lead.

6- THE BOYZ’s YoungHoon (“Love Revolution”)

YoungHoon is acting with Park JiHoon in “Love Revolution” and he wears the uniform too. He also looks handsome with it.

7- Ji Soo (“When I Was Most Beautiful”)

The story of “When I Was Most Beautiful” started when Ji Soo was a high school student and the actor looks particularly attractive in it.

8- Ong SeongWu (“More Than Friends”)

“More than Friends” is starting on Sept. 25 but from the pictures released, we can already tell that Ong SeongWu looks great in high school uniform. It is also not his first time as he was also a high school student in “At Eighteen”.

9- Joo Won (“Alice”)

Joo Won is in his 30s but when he briefly appeared with a high school uniform in “Alice” and he impressed with his good looks in it.