These three actresses in these well-known K-dramas with the military theme are the most badass and powerful female soldiers that we all love.

The K-drama industry is full of movies and series with military themes, but most of them just exploit the main character who is the male soldier. Meanwhile, the female soldiers also have their own charismas and are so badass that we all adore.

Son Ye Rim (Krystal) – Search

The female soldier who is expected to cause a fever on the Korean small screen in the last months of 2020 is Son Ye Rim of Search – a survival film revolving around a team specializing in hunting and fighting monsters. In the film, Ye Rim is a diligent, brave and special female military officer “on astronomy, under the geographic wall”, with extensive knowledge in many fields.


In the first images that the crew just revealed, female soldier Ye Rim appeared with a cold, brave and beautiful look. Even without proper makeup and gorgeous outfits, Krystal still exudes the aura of a beauty goddess.

Yoon Myung Joo (Kim Ji Won) – Descendants of the Sun

Not only a strong soldier, Yoon Myung Joo of Kim Ji Won is also a dedicated doctor for the patient, willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of her people and her teammates. But Myung Joo softened, faltered because a man is also his subordinate – Sergeant Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo). Their love goes through all kinds of emotions, prohibitions, times their lives are threatened and then finally happy together.


Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) – The King 2 Hearts

In The King 2 Hearts, Ha Ji Won has the opportunity to play Kim Hang Ah – a military captain who is also the best female soldier in Korea. She came from a special forces army with expertise in assassination training. With a sharp and strong appearance, who would have doubts that Hang Ah is a cute girl, often having trouble in love. Hang Ah has an arranged marriage with the Prince of Korea – whom she used to hate and also brought Hang Ah a lot of trouble later.


Which character do you like best?