Yesung from SUPER JUNIOR will make his comeback to the big screen after over 4 years, as he will join the cast of ‘The Girl Riding a Bulldozer’.

Yesung has been cast in the upcoming movie ‘The Girl Riding a Bulldozer’ (directed/screenplay by Park Yi Woong), which is scheduled to start filming in May, playing the role of detective Ko Yoo Seok, who digs into cases.


‘The Girl in the Bulldozer’ is the story of a daughter, Hye Young (played by Kim Hye Yoon), in the search of her father, Bon Jin, who got into an accident and disappeared. Yesung plays Ko Yoo Seok, a detective in charge of the case the father, leading the drama’s major incidents.

Earlier, in 2016, Yesung starred in ‘My Korean Teacher’, a Japanese romantic comedy. He made his big screen debut as Yong Un, the main character of ‘My Korean Teacher’, and received enthusiastic responses from abroad, including being officially invited to the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Hawaii International Film Festival, and the Japanese Film Festival Australia.

Yesung in ‘My Korean Teacher’

Also, as Yesung has been praised for his impressive performances in dramas such as JTBC’s ‘Awl’ and OCN’s ‘Voice’, expectations are high for his new appearance to be shown in the upcoming ‘The Girl Riding a Bulldozer’.