The second main poster showing Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Kim Sun Ho, and Kang Han Na of the upcoming drama “Start-Up” drainage has been unveiled.

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Start-Up” (playwright Park Hye Ryeon/director Oh Choong Hwan) released a main poster showing Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Sun Ho, and Kang Han Na on Wednesday.


“Start-Up” is a drama that depicts the beginning (START) and growth (UP) of young people who have entered start-ups dreaming of success in Korea’s Silicon Valley sandbox. It is making prospective viewers wait, heralding a fresh topic, and a tangled romance that has never been dealt with in the drama.

The second main poster released on the same day showed the smiles of four people, Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy), Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Sun Ho), and Lee In Jae (Kang Eun Na), who gathered under the blue sky. The free-standing scene on the stairs makes us expect the growth of four people who will eventually go up one step at a time to their dreams, although the motivation and timing of their entry into the start-up business are slightly different.


Suzy plays Seo Dal Mi, a matchmaker who dreams of turning the tables with brilliant ideas in her hard life. Nam Joo Hyuk is founder of Samsan Tech, who challenges to shine again from the disgrace of a family that only forgets investment money, while Kim Sun Ho tries to repay debts to a person who has shown grace in the past. Kang Han Na plays the role of Won In Jae, who wants to be recognized for her ability, not as the title of the second generation of ‘chaebol’.

Meanwhile, the drama is scheduled to air in October. Stay tuned and keep waiting for further information.