It’s known that actor Song Seung Hun will appear on ‘Kim Young Chul’s ‘Power FM’‘ on the day airing the final episode of the drama “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?“.

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SBS said Song Seung Hun will appear on ‘Kim Young Chul’s Power FM’ (107.7Mhz) on Tuesday, July 14 (Korean time). He is currently participating in the drama “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?” starring Kim Hae Kyung became a hot topic when showing the romantic acting that melted the hearts of women. The DJ and comedian Kim Young Chul of the show participated in this drama as a cameo. Song Seung Hun is determined to appear on the radio after 20 years to maintain his loyalty as the main actor.

Kim Hae Kyung in “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?”

In the special episode titled ‘Let’s have breakfast together?‘ is expected to reveal stories related to Song Seung Hun’s stories about his famous dramas as “Autumn in My Heart”, “East of Eden” and “My Princess” as well as behind the scene of the new drama. In addition, the program will share a real image of Song Seung Hun.


According to the production team, Song Seung Hun has been on the talk show for a long time, so the fans are looking forward to and expect the actor to express emotions that are normally hard to see.

‘Kim Young Chul’ Power FM ‘can be heard throughout Korea on SBS ‘Power FM’ (107.Mhz) from 7 am to 9 am (Korean time) on July 14 and can be watched anywhere through SBS’s official YouTube account.