Actress Shin Se Kyung shared a happy life with her pet dog on SNS!

On August 4, Shin Se Kyung uploaded a photo on her personal Instagram with the caption: “I see your eyes are open.”


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In the published photo, Shin Se Kyung is lying on the sofa and sleeping with her pet dog Sarang. Compared to Shin Se Kyung, who closed her eyes and fell asleep, the image of the puppy opening his eyes was so cute. The daily life is full of love of the two attracted attention.

On the other hand, Shin Se Kyung will be participating in the movie ‘Run On‘ (JTBC) airing in the second half of this year.


The drama follows the story of a former track and field athlete named Ki Sun Kyum who becomes a sports agent. Shin Se Kyung will be playing Oh Mi Joo, an adventurous foreign film translator who’s grounded and true to her emotions, although she finds it difficult to open her heart.