Fans finally got an official update on Red Velvet Wendy’s current health condition. On Thursday, an official at SM Entertainment confirmed that Wendy has recovered significantly, but she is still receiving outpatient treatment.

He went on to talk about Wendy’s health condition, saying she has felt a lot better now and is currently recovering.


On April 1, SM announced that Red Velvet Wendy will voice the lead role of DreamWorks’ animated movie ‘Trolls: World Tour’.

Wendy has been cast for the role of “Poppy,” the main character of the Korean dubbed version of the movie, which opens April 29. She will also sing the OST of the film.

Wendy said, “I was very happy that Red Velvet could participate in the voice acting of ‘Trolls: World Tour.’ We all enjoyed the recording, and I did my very best to play the roles of K-pop Troll and Poppy. We had fun recording it, so I hope you look forward to it a lot.”

Last year, Wendy was seriously injured after falling off the stage during rehearsals for the “2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon.” Her condition at the time was so bad that she had to eat soft foods such as ground soybean stew and eggs because she couldn’t chew food.

At the time, the members said, “We were actually upset about the accident, but I’m very thankful that many people helped us. For the time being, the four of us will perform and sing Wendy’s parts, so I hope you understand even if there are mistakes. Wendy will comes back when she’s healthy.”