Park Seo Joon has become the first Korean actor to receive a YouTube Gold Play Button.


The ‘Gold Play Button’ is awarded to YouTubers who pass the 1 million mark in subscribers, and on June 1, Park Seo Joon revealed he achieved the milestone after starting his channel last July, became the first Korean actor to receive this Gold Play Button of Youtube.

On June 1, Park Seo Joon held a live stream on his YouTube channel “Record PARK’s” to celebrate surpassing one million subscribers. He did a special unboxing of his Gold Play Button in an exciting feeling.

During the broadcast, Park Seo Joon expressed gratitude to his staff as he said, “The staff who work with me work day and night to edit my videos”. He continued to show his thanks, saying, “I really don’t do much, and I think I was able to get this thanks to all the people who have shown an interest in what I do in my daily life.”

Park Seo Joon has just ended his lastest drama “Itaewon Class” which succeeded in taking many viewers’ attractions. He is currently working on the upcoming film “Dream” with the main actress IU and Lee Hyun Woo.