According to media outlet reports on August 11, actress Park Hye Soo is in talks to return with her first small-screen production in 4 years with series ‘Love Playlist‘.


Park Hye Soo is in talks to star as the female lead of Playlist’s upcoming series, ‘Love Playlist’ season 5 a.k.a ‘Love Playlist – Dear.M‘. Previously, media outlets also reported that NCT member Jaehyun was in talks to play the male lead of ‘Dear.M’, making his acting debut.


The popular ‘Love Playlist’ web drama series first began airing in 2017, wrapping up its most recent season 4 last year. Season 5 is now in talks to return with new characters and new storylines, while also incorporating the new couple from season 4 played by Kim Sae Ron and Bae Hyun Sung


Meanwhile, ‘Dear.M’ is expected to air via the web as well as on KBS in 2021.