Actor Park Hae Jin has been cast for the role of Han Seung Min, the male lead in the upcoming drama ‘Crime Puzzle’.

‘Crime Puzzle’ is a new thriller in 2020 which based on a highly popular webtoon of the same name. The story of the film starts when Han Seung Min, a psychologist at the National Police University, confessed to killing an influential politician, the father of the crime analyst Yoo Hee, and was arrested.


The film is expected to feature 10 interviews between Han Seung Min and Yoo Hee, who is investigating the case again because she could not believe the confession, and a feast of detailed stories from surrounding characters.

In the drama, Park Hae Jin will play Han Seung Min, a star professor at the National Police University who quickly rose to the ranks of world-class criminal psychologists for his thesis on criminal psychology in his 20s, and then a life-time prisoner after being imprisoned for making a sudden confession of murder.


Park Hae Jin will once again return to the small screen as a mysterious character who slowly solves cases by playing psychological games. As he previously caused a fever by playing Lee Jung Moon, the young genius psychopath killer in OCN’s ‘Bad Guys’, expectations are rising for his psychopath acting in the upcoming film as well.

‘Crime Puzzle’ is scheduled to air in the second half of this year. Studio 329, which has shown its strength in various genres through works such as YouTube original web drama ‘Top Management’ and Netflix‘s original series ‘Extracurricular’, will be producing the new show.