Actor Nam Yoon Su, who is emerging as a rising star for his role in the upcoming Netflix original series ‘Extracurricular’, has been selected as the May cover model for Marie Claire Korea magazine.

In the pictorial, which was held under the theme of ‘Nam Yoon Su who doesn’t laugh,’ the actor emitted a cold mood with clear eyes and a deep atmosphere, not his usual trademark smile-filled expression.


Nam Yoon Su also shared his story and some details about his upcoming work ‘Extracurricular‘.

When asked if he has any worries after starting acting, Nam Yoon Su replied, “I thought about whether I could express my new character well, and I wanted to make up for the shortcomings and do well,” adding, “I read the scripts of various works for more emotional acting.”

Also, as for the emotionally exhausted moments while acting, he said, “I would spend time quietly by myself, but I enjoy every moment of acting.”

And as for the role of Kwak Ki Tae in the upcoming Netflix’s show, he said it was tough with a lot of emotional consumption as he played the vicious yet confident high schooler Kwak Ki Tae, who kept the right line on his one hand.


He continued, “But I hope that Nam Yoon Su’s fresh feeling will be conveyed to the public with an image different from the characters he has played so far.”

In fact, Kim Jin Min, the director of ‘Extracurricular’, said he saw Ki Tae as soon as he met Nam Yoon Su, who has both softness and fierce charisma.

Lastly, Nam Yoon Su said, “I want the role of Ki Tae in ‘Extracurricular to be a turning point for me, and I want viewers to see Ki Tae as a ‘bad guy’.” He added, “I hope to be reborn as Nam Yoon Su, who experiences a character that can feel various emotions and changes, but still acts without losing his original intention.”