VIXX’s Hyuk and actress Nam Bo Ra have been confirmed for an upcoming movie named “Croissant” (literal title).

“Croissant” tells the story of youth who find themselves at a divide between reality and ideality as they pursue their dreams.

Nam Bo Ra will be playing the role of Sung Eun, a passionate pastry chef and owner of a bakery with a warm heart. Nam Bo Ra boasts a lengthly list of drama credits and has previously appeared in films “Sunny” (2011), “Don’t Cry Mommy” (2012), and “The Suspect” (2013), and is expected to bring a detailed portrayal to her character in the upcoming movie.


VIXX’s Hyuk is taking on the role of Gong Hui Joon, a character with bright energy who fights for his dreams even amid the difficult realities of his situation. Hyuk has previously appeared in films “Chasing” (2016) and “Happy Together” (2018) and dramas “Special Laws of Romance” (2017) and “The Great Show” (2019), and is set to once again put his talents as an actor on display.


“Croissant” will be led by director Jo Sung Kyu of the films “Second Half” (2010), “Heaven Is Only Open to the Single” (2012), “The Winter of the Year Was Warm” (2012), and “The Skill of Remarriage” (2019).

The film is set to begin shooting in June.