In the first half of 2020, Korean drama producers launched many new products to serve the viewers both domestically and internationally. One of the most reliable measures for the success of a Korean drama, is the viewer ratings. The higher the ratings, the greater the number of viewers, and that means the more popular, the more well received the show by the public.

Here are the only 4 Korean dramas in 2020 that have surpassed the viewer rating of 15% (so far). We have only gotten through 3 months of 2020, so there will certainly be more great projects in the near future!

Itaewon Class


JTBC’s ‘Itaewon Class‘ tells the story of a man who was sentenced to prison Park Sae Ro Yi and his friends. They are fighting hard to make the dream of their street bar come true. The final episode of Itaewon Class was aired on March 22 and brought in a viewer rating of 16.5%.

Hot Stove League


SBS’s ‘Hot Stove League’ is about the Dreams baseball team. This is a team that is not good and is at the bottom of the rankings. It is known that the viewer rating of the film at its peak reached 19.1%.

Crash Landing On You


The film is of the romance genre, and it tells the love story between Yoon Se Ri – the heiress of a leading corporation in Korea, and Captain Ri Jung Hyuk – a North Korean soldier. Due to an accident in skydiving, she landed in North Korea and the first person she faced was Captain Ri. At the last episode, ‘Crash Landing On You‘ surpassed Goblin to become the series with the highest rating in tvN history: 21.7%.

Dr. Romantic 2


SBS’s Dr. Romantic 2 belongs to the medical genre, following a genius but weird doctor – Mr. Kim. This is a sequel of the first successful season which was released in 2016. It is known that this film has earned the highest viewer rating of the year: 27.1%.