Gong Myung and Miss Honey Lee may be reuniting on the big screen! On April 6, industry insiders reported that the two actors had received casting offers for the upcoming film “Killing Romance” (literal title).

Gong Myung and Honey Lee’s agency, Saram Entertainment, confirmed that the actors had received the offer and were positively reviewing it.

Miss Honey Lee

Last month, actor Gong Myung became unexpectedly emotional at a recent screening of his hit movie “Extreme Job”! On February 10, the stars of the comedy film “Extreme Job” attended a special showing of the movie at a theater in Seoul.

The film, which also stars Ryu Seung Ryong, Honey Lee, Jin Sun Kyu, and Lee Dong Hwi, recently made box office history by setting a new record for the highest ticket sales ever achieved by any Korean comedy film in history.

Gong Myung

Directed by Lee Won Seok, “Killing Romance” is about a former actress who retired after her marriage to a chaebol of an island country and what happens when she meets the three-time-test-taker (someone who has taken the college entrance exams multiple times) who lives next door. The film is said to be in the unique genre of “comic thriller musical.”