Actor Lee Ki Hong has signed an exclusive contract with Saram Entertainment for his future activities in South Korea and Asia.


Saram Entertainment said, “Lee Ki Hong has drawn attention from audiences around the world as a Korean actor who shows strong presence in the Hollywood film series ‘Maze Runner’. As an actor who has built up solid acting skills based on various filmography, we will give full support to him so that he can play more in Asia as well as in Korea.”

American-Korean actor Lee Ki Hong has been having a successful career in Hollywood regardless of genre since his debut in the U.S. drama ‘Victorious’ in 2011. In particular, in the 2014 Hollywood blockbuster film ‘The Maze Runner’, he played Minho, the leader of the team that completes the map of the maze and a Korean who boasts a brilliant mind, showing his presence as the main character of a Hollywood’s representative series. He has also been loved by the public to the extent that he was ranked as the “Fourth Sexiest Man in Hollywood 2014” by People magazine, an American entertainment media.


Lee Ki Hong also became a familiar face to local fans after playing Steve Hong, a Harvard lawyer aspiring to enter the Korean politics in the 2017 movie ‘The Mayor’. Expectations are now high for actor Lee Ki Hong’s next film, which will expand his scope in South Korea and Asia.