Some men are attracted to nice looking women, but it seems that some are also attracted to women who look quite intimidating and cold.

Including some famous male K-Pop celebrities according to reports.

These particular male celebrities have stated that their ideal type of a woman is someone like a cat, both personality and visual-wise.

You can check them out below.

Gong Yoo

Back in 2017, Gong Yoo talked about how he’s attracted to women who are “cat-like” during an interview with THE FACT. He talked about how he wants a woman who could do things for him, rather than women  who depend on others.


Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon appeared on tvN’s ‘Live Talk Show Taxi’ and revealed that he likes women who look very intimidating and cat-like. He said the more difficult it is to approach her, the better. And he added that outward visuals must be “cold”, for him to be attracted.


Kim YoungKwang

Back in 2015, Kim YoungKwang talked about how he’s attracted to a woman who can easily put him in an energetic mood by playing a game of cat and mouse.


Ju Ji Hoon

Back in 2012, during an interview on SBS, Ju Ji Hoon explained why he’s attracted to cat-like women. He said he likes women who can take care of and look after themselves. He stated that people who are able to love themselves first are truly able to love others.


Baekhyun (EXO)

BaekHyun stated that he’s not attracted to women who are straight-up nice, but have a bit of chicness and coldness to them.