HB Entertainment has made an announcement regarding Ku Hye Sun request for the termination of her contract with the agency.

Ku Hye Sun signed with her husband Ahn Jae Hyun’s agency HB Entertainment in June 2019. Following the news last August of Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s divorce plans, Ku Hye Sun shared her desire to end her contract with their agency.

On April 29, HB Entertainment released the following statement:


Hello. This is HB Entertainment.

We are writing to inform you that our company’s exclusive contract with Ku Hye Sun has been terminated.

Ku Hye Sun has asked our company for the termination of her exclusive contract, and on September 11, 2019, she filed an application for arbitration with the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

HB Entertainment decided that we could no longer continue to maintain our relationship with her as an actress under our agency due to her breach of contract and our loss of trust in Ku Hye Sun, and so we filed a counter application to obtain compensation for damages.

According to the arbitral award on April 21, 2020, the claims made by Ku Hye Sun of reasons imputable to the company and reasons for termination were not accepted, and the termination of her contract was accepted subject to Ku Hye Sun paying HB Entertainment for fixed damages.

We ask for your understanding as we cannot provide details about the arbitration since the process was carried out in private.

HB Entertainment was not able to mention the dispute with our agency’s actor when the arbitration was ongoing, and we are informing you of this fact after the arbitral award, which is as effective as a final ruling, has been shared.

Social media posts and malicious comments that are based on false information about this case are subject to criminal punishment.

Thank you.


Ku Hye Sun soon after wrote on Instagram, “Since there was something omitted from the judgment, a reassessment is ongoing. So please don’t worry too much. Sleep well, everyone.